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Jonny Love has entertained crowds and lived all over the world and still continues to write and enjoy playing music. 

Highlights include multiple hits on the NZtop40 with main successes being Not the First (Not the Last) & Take Me Home (both #7) and also Last Day of June & My Sympathy in the top 20 + touring and opening for acts such as; Newton Faulkner, Roberta Flack, Mark Seymour, Opshop, The Feelers amongst others. 

Gigs include; mainstage at Rhythm & Vines; Viper Room in LA; 100 Club in London and to 20,000+ at the Dubai Rugby 7's. 

We hope you enjoy looking through the site and get in touch for any more info.



There have been two original albums released to date, both gaining spots in the NZtop40 album charts and with multiple NZtop40 single hits, notably #7 Not the first (Not the Last) and #7 Take me Home.

Not the first (Not the Last) also won 'Breakthrough Video of the Year' at the Juice TV Awards and Weight of Tomorrow was nominated for 'Video of the Year'. 




This video took a crew of four, 22 days to film. It's made up of around 3,500 still images and covers New Zealand from the bottom of the South Island in Bluff to the top of the North Island at Cape Reinga. 

It was an incredibly hard process, with long days in a campervan but we think worth it! 

The video had great traction, was up for 'Video of the Year' and has just been added to NZ on Screen's online video collection as an 'iconic NZ video'. 

See if you can spot all the locations we went to...


Filmed in Christchurch NZ, pre-2011 earthquake, a lot of the landmarks and locations we used in this video simply don't exist anymore.

This video won 'Breakthrough Video of the Year' as it was constantly across screens at the same time as being up to #7 on the airwaves. 

This song's all about fighting for yourself and what you want and realising that you're not the first and not the last person who'll feel what you're feeling.


What more needs to be said than we drove from LA to Vegas and encountered more than we bargained for the whole way.

Amazing scenery, fascinating people and locations such as a derelict hotel in the middle of nowhere. We drove everywhere in the trusty Cadillac, that unfortunately broke down in the middle of the desert.

The AA in New Zealand were called and amazingly, they sent a truck to tow the car to the nearest garage! 

There was also a gig at the iconic Viper Room along the way (which doesn't feature in this vid)...



A Logan McMillan creation, this was shot in a special effects warehouse in Christchurch. 

Everything is shot in one take...and we only had enough money for two takes! It includes everything from explosions to a man on fire...

Take 1 was unusable, so the pressure was really on... If you look closely, you might see the odd flinch at the loudest of explosions...


Shot in Auckland, NZ, the concept was quite simply to go along with the title of the song. There are various cameos from friends, the director & crew, to even two NZ rugby stars...​

We shot from about 6pm one evening to sunrise the next day, which is the shots you'll see on Auckland quay.

Long day, but great fun.


Shot in the iconic Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch.

This song reached #17 in the NZtop40, culminating in an opening spot for Roberta Flack touring around New Zealand.


A great video from young director (at the time) Damien Shatford. It was his vision that brought so many different scenes together.

We were shut down very quickly on the rooftop shoot in Auckland, as the newspaper was apparently blowing off the roof into people's dinner's in the restaurant's below! 

Quite an expensive shoot per min therefore given the price and size of the windfan we'd hired for everything....




Jonny Love Collage.png

If you're after music for your event, get in touch below.

Any event can be tailored for with a range of music from originals to covers, based on your requirements, with Jonny playing solo to a full band.

There's not much we haven't played at; festivals, corporate events, weddings, sports events, openings, on Skysports, weddings in castles in France etc. for clients such as; Vodafone; Coca-Cola; DB; Lion; Air New Zealand; Tourism NZ and private individuals.

See if you can surprise us...



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